Health is Wealth

Health is the most important and Long Lasting Wealth. But unfortunately, most of us in a race to earn Materialistic Wealth,ignore it. If we are not Healthy then we will not be able to enjoy the Materialistic Wealth gathered by us.

Health is the Biggest Wealth in Life. It brings in desired Happiness, Enjoyment and Pleasure.

Given things in life are priceless and can’t be purchased with money. There is strong perspective that, unless a person is Healthy, it’s difficult for him/ her to enjoy. Money doesn’t have a value unless it is really enjoyed. Simply the Possessions of money/ things don’t make an individual Rich, It is the Good Health.
A healthy person sings the glory of life and works hard to realize his dreams. He never complains. He is always happy and cheerful. He may be poor, he may have to work very hard to earn his living, but even the richest man would envy him for his good health.

Two main elements of Happiness & Pleasure are Health and Love. Happiest people in the world are the ones who have Health and Love in their life. You might create any shade of happiness, but it has to be there. Those who are Sick or have Poor Health, due to any reason whatsoever, must learn to compensate their condition with Mental, Psychological, and Spiritual health.

It is hardest and the most elusive thing to explain. It means different for different people. But it certainly provides a feeling of accomplishment and is rewarding. The path to Happiness & Wellness is: Eat Less than what you Burn, Spend at least half an hour exercising daily, and eliminate Toxicity be it by Foods & Drinks, Thoughts and even People. Health comes in when the body is in a condition of ease or standard function. Poor Health is really an imbalance in your body systems that are natural.

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