Diets that Provide Food Supplements

When you are contemplating on which diet you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, pay attention also to the various food supplements that dot the market shelves so prominently today.

These supplements do just what you want—they give you the nutrients that are missing in your daily diet so that you find your health improved by a great degree.

However, when you are shopping for them, you need to exercise caution. Buy them only after carefully reviewing them for their ingredients, their composition and their effectiveness for your body.

Also, remember that you do not need most of these food supplements; you may only need a few of them to make up for what your body is lacking in. So, look closely at them and seek medical counsel before planning on any of these programs.

Diets that Provide Food Supplements

A number of popular diets and weight loss programs are on the market today that not only provide support at a personal level, but also supply food supplements, either in the form of complete meals, or shakes to assist the dieter achieve their weight loss goals.

With most people experiencing an increasingly busy lifestyle and many families relying on take-out food, the home delivered foods and the pharmacy supplied shakes are a convenient and easy way to approach weight loss.

Many of the programs also offer an educational focus on improving the quality of the foods an individual or family traditionally eats, to ensure that when the desired weight loss is achieved, there is a transition to a normal diet based on healthy eating patterns.

Some of the popular diets using this combination of delivered or prepackaged foods and diet and exercise education include Jenny Craig, Lite n Easy and Pharmacy based programs

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

The basic philosophy of these programs is that the most difficult part of a weight loss program is getting started. The convenience of having food supplied that is nutritionally balanced and with a controlled calorie count, will kick start the weight loss process without the need to prepare special meals or shop for specific foods.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Company?

Depending on the weight loss program selected there are various levels of support. Some, like Jenny Craig offer personal and online support as well as an advisor to assist and help keep the dieter motivated. Meals are prepared and delivered for an extra cost and there is an abundance of tools available online to keep track of goals and achievements.

Other programs such as the pharmacy based options provide support in a pharmacy environment offered by pharmacy staff who has received training to offer the support. Online support is offered to supplement the in pharmacy activities which include a weekly weigh in with the support staff.

How Does the Diet Work?

Each day dieters using these programs are provided with meal replacements. Some replace three meals a day and other options replace only one or two meals. Working with an advisor the dieter eats the meal combinations and includes optional exercise into their programs.

Pharmacy based programs supply shakes, soups and sometimes protein bars as meal replacements and the dieter is encouraged to eat a normal high protein meal once a day the day. The pharmacists who have created these food supplements base the composition on research and use health professionals to assist with the program creation.

Jenny Craig, Lite n Easy and other similar organizations provide a variety of meals that are home cooked style meals and with the assistance of the advisors; these meals can be used in combination with meals prepared by the dieter.

Both forms of food supplement weight loss programs can become expensive over a period with the need to be constantly buying prepared foods, however both program styles advertise their prices as competitive with an average weekly family food budget.

There are many successful weight loss stories associated with both program styles and both are considered safe and effective for both men and women of all ages.

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