Diet Supplements and Weight Loss

Diet supplements are found a dime a dozen nowadays. Basically, these supplements are enhancements for our regular diet; they aim to provide us with what our normal food does not provide. As such, they are claimed to be packed with nutritional goodness which takes care of our overall health.

Most of the dietary supplements found today are herbal in composition. That is the reason they are considered safe as they are likely to have very few side effects, if at all.

Most people find these diet supplements to be a good way to improve their health and make them a part of their lifestyle.

Read on to know about what kinds of diet supplements are popular today, and what you should consider if you are intending to use one of them for the maintenance of your health.

Diet Supplements and Weight Loss

There are many oral supplements on the market today that reportedly will assist you lose weight. The supplements are available as a natural product through health food stores and medication forms through pharmacies over the counter and through prescription from a doctor.

Those who have used them for weight loss either love them or say they have not worked for them.

Using supplements is somewhat controversial, but each of them have a different appeal and a support base and for those seeking to lose weight, they are an option. Supplements are in general excluded from US regulations under the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (1994).

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

Oral supplements are not strictly speaking a diet, but they are an approach to weight loss. Most of the supplements act as appetite suppressants. Some of the claims by some companies are over inflated results and the products are not based on scientific research. When buying supplements understanding how they work and what research they are based is important.

Diet focused supplements reportedly increase energy levels or metabolic weight. Others act as appetite suppressants.

Choosing a company to provide supplements that is reputable and safe, will provide the best results for weight loss, fat burning, muscle building and increased energy.


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What Support Is Offered by the Parent Company?

Dietary supplements are usually bought over the counter and online via direct sales. Information only is provided with these sales and there are no support options.

The person participating in the use of these supplements researches and discusses options with either their local health food store, pharmacist or online. Some prescription only medications will be supplied under medical supervision.

How Does the Diet Work?

Supplements typically are taken every day according to the directions on the packaging. There is little or no reeducation of diet, exercise, or life style changes offered as part of the program. The participant simply relies on the supplements to either suppress their appetite or increase their energy levels.

Some of the supplements encourage the use of shakes or other dietary supplements as meal replacements to assist calorie intake reduction and the anticipated increase in energy levels reportedly leads to increased physical activity resulting in increased calorie burn.

The person taking the supplements remains on them for the duration of the prescription if it is provided under medical supervision. Those bought over the counter are not controlled and the individual can theoretically continue to take the supplements indefinitely.

Success reports are mixed but those who have lost weight on these supplements are convinced they do work. There are online sites that rate the success of different supplements and provide information on the more popular supplements giving them a star rating for performance and results.

These sites are essential reading for anyone considering using the supplements as the number of fraud supplements continue to increase through online shops.

It is also recommended to seek professional medical or naturopathic advice before commencing any weight loss program using any of these supplements, particularly if you are using other medications.

Some of the ingredients, even the natural ingredients can affect any chronic illness or interact with prescribed medications.

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